Stephen West

Stephen West


To me, it’s not about the destination, but the adventure along the way. A successful hunting trip isn’t about the kill, but the things you learn, the places you see, and the people you meet.

A True Outdoorsman

Adventure and exploration is what I live for, that’s why big-game hunting is my passion. For me, hunting and fishing has always been about quality over quantity. I love hunting that one big buck for weeks on end, and I love the feeling you get standing over him at the end of the blood trail. Although, the more I hang around Hartley and the Goat, the more I realize that hooking a boatload of redfish, or a stringer full of redheads, ain’t a bad feeling either. All in all, it’s about hanging with your friends, cleaning off your arrows, and putting them back in your quiver to do it all again!

My dad took me hunting from the moment I could walk. I was raised by a south Texas ranching family, so every weekend was spent working the ranch or out hunting. Big game hunting is my forte, but the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve branched out. My life revolves around hunting. It’s not just a hobby, it’s my passion, it’s my lifestyle, it’s what I do.