Garrett Hartley

Garrett Hartley


It's what I train all year for. That one opportunity, those 1.3 seconds that can change your life forever and I have to make them count. This is what I prepare for, what I live for; that moment of perfect accuracy, followed by the sound of an animal hitting the ground.

Confessions of a Weekend Warrior

Professional NFL Kicker who just signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'd be the first person to tell you that I'm still learning about hunting and the outdoor lifestyle. Hunting with Josh has been my saving grace over the years, he's taken me under his wing to help feed my love of the outdoors and my desire for accuracy. Raised in a household of a Marine corps sniper, I've been shooting, cleaning and collecting guns since I was 6, but didn't truly start hunting till l was in high school.

Whether it's a bird coming in at full strut, a crisp fall morning on bye·week or the sound of antlers colliding nearby, the pressures of being a professional athlete pale in comparison to the adrenaline rushes found in the wild. Many aspects carry over from the kicking fields to the killing fields. Namely patience, practice and accuracy · and without one you can't have the others.